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All facets of our College Operations are underpinned and informed by a range of policies, guidelines and procedures which prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff, families and broader College community.

Policies and Guidelines

The safety and wellbeing of all members of the Faith community is of the utmost importance to the College.

To foster and uphold a safe and nurturing environment, the College implements and communicates important policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are periodically reviewed and updated for the benefit of all.

Key Policies

Faith Lutheran College adheres to four key policies with regard to Child Protection, Privacy, Wellbeing and Relational Management and Grievances.

Enrolment and Student Commencement Policies

When enrolling a student at Faith Lutheran College, we ask our prospective families to ensure they are familiar with the following policies and guidelines:

Teaching and Learning Policies

The following are our policies regarding teaching and learning at Faith:

Additional Policies

A complete index of the College policies and procedures relevant to enrolled students and families are available via the College’s learning management portals – Student Café and Parent Lounge.