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Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) has been introduced at Faith to provide students with the opportunity to experience of learning for the love of it via the completion of educational projects. As students progress through the learning journey at Faith, they are able to complete Guided Projects, Impact Projects and Passion Projects.

Each Wednesday students are able to select a guided or personal project in any area of their interest. Based on design thinking principles and the General Capabilities, students utilise the LEA model for Service Learning (Head, Heart and Hands) to propose solutions and create products that can benefit the local and wider College community. 

Our Wednesday program is aimed at producing students who are equipped with the essential skills necessary to become productive, well-informed community members with a passion for life and learning.

Continue scrolling to learn more about the three different types of projects on offer for Faith students:

  • Guided Projects
  • Impact Projects
  • Passion Projects
Guided Projects

When students are first starting Project Based Learning, it can be difficult to determine what projects they'd like to pursue. That's why we commence our PBL journey at Faith with Guided Projects in Foundation Phase (Years 7 and 8).

Our students are presented with a selection of Guided Projects that have been mindfully developed by our teaching staff to provide students with the opportunity to grow and explore. Each project lasts for a semester to provide deep learning, meaningful connections and authentic outcomes.

Over the course of Foundation Phase, students will complete four guided projects of their choice, providing the opportunity to explore different interests and discover new concepts and ideas.

To provide choice for students, new Guided Projects are constantly being developed. Some examples of past Guided Projects include:

  • Cooking for a Cause
  • Creative License
  • Faith Adventure Club
  • Students 4 Students: Primary School Visits
  • The Birds, the Bees and the Butterflies


Impact Projects

Impact Projects provide our learners with the ability to choose projects that will have a positive impact on communities beyond Faith in the greater Lockyer Valley region. They are usually undertaken by students in Exploration Phase (Years 9 and 10).

While students have more autonomy and greater choice in projects they choose in this phase, they are still provided with support from our educators to help deepen their learning and to stretch as learners.

Examples of Impact Projects include:

  • Finding ways to clean our waterways
  • Creating sustainable outdoor playground equipment for a local primary school
  • Educating the community about social issues
  • Promoting positive change through The Arts
Passion Projects

When students reach the Graduate Phase, they have the ability to choose whether they would like to participate in projects or use this time for additional study.

Passion Projects provide students with the opportunity to explore a unique personal interest.

We believe that by providing students with the ability to pursue an interest that inspires them, they will naturally enjoy deeper learning, stronger connections and greater outcomes as learners.