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Christian Living

As a Lutheran school, all students study Christian Studies in Years 7 to 9. In Years 10 to 12, students take Religion and Ethics, a QCE subject.  We are proud to welcome a diversity of religious traditions, yet we are distinctly Lutheran in our Christian identity. 

This means that we emphasise the good news of God’s love, care and daily provision as a gift of grace. We do not earn or deserve this grace but receive it by faith in Jesus Christ and his finished work on the cross. 

This good news of Jesus Christ informs all learning, teaching and relationships at Faith Lutheran College.

Each week our College community gathers together for a time of worship, commonly called Chapel. Chapel is often led by various staff, students or guest speakers. This worship opportunity enables us to reflect on God’s love for us, learn about God’s plan of salvation through Jesus, and challenges us to love and serve those around us.

The College is proud of its Lutheran Christian ethos and the many benefits our students receive from our strong pastoral focus. We provide an opportunity for students to learn and interact in a community that is faith-based but also live out these callings and values through their actions.

Here at Faith Lutheran College, we welcome all families, no matter your personal or faith background. We look forward to working with you and supporting your child on their faith and learning journey.

Fruits of Faith

The Fruits of Faith are the foundational values that underpin life at Faith Lutheran College and are taught explicitly in the Foundation Phase of learning. 

The tree represents God - strong, powerful and the centre of the picture which parallels to being the centre of our lives. 

Each of the branches and leaves represent a different value that Faith encourages in our students. 

The Fruits of Faith are used as a specific focus for our Foundation Phase students, yet all values are taught across all years to encourage holistic development and understanding of how they help shape a student of Faith as part of the College and wider community.