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Our Scholarship Program is designed to provide financial assistance to students in order to strengthen the quality of our educational programs and recognise the efforts, talents and gifts of high achieving students in the areas of Academic Excellence and General Excellence.

Applications for 2025 Scholarships have now closed. Applications for 2026 Scholarships will open during 2025.

Scholarship Categories
There are two categories of scholarships available:

- Academic Excellence
- General Excellence

See below for more details regarding these types of scholarships.

Academic Excellence Scholarships
A limited number of Academic Excellence scholarships are awarded each year to students who demonstrate outstanding academic results and potential. In addition to this, successful applicants will showcase excellence in their behaviour, effort and commitment to their studies.

General Excellence Scholarships
In line with our vision of awakening potential and empowering learners, students applying for a General Excellence scholarship are required to define their area of excellence they wish to be considered for. Examples of General Excellence areas include, but are not limited to:

- All-Round (across three or more areas)
- Leadership (Christian Life, Civics, First Nations/Indigenous)
- Performing Arts
- Public Speaking
- Service
- Sport
- Other (applicant to define – e.g. entrepreneurship) 

In addition to showcasing their specific field of expertise, General Excellence applicants must demonstrate their aptitude for learning and a high standard in behaviour, scholarship and work habits.