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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values provide purpose, direction and guidance for our entire College Community as we engage and operate both in the present, and into the future.

Our Vision

Awakening potential and empowering learners for purposeful lives through Christ.

  • Our vision is for each individual learner to realise their potential, feel empowered to embrace the future, and be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to live out fulfilling and successful lives beyond school.

  • We believe that each individual learner is blessed with God-given gifts, talents and abilities, and that, by working in partnership with our students, parents and families, every student has the potential to achieve, succeed and excel in both learning and life.

  • From strong foundations established through our specially-tailored Year 7 program, to the successful completion of their Senior studies, our mission is to see every Faith student equipped, empowered and encouraged to achieve their personal best.

Our Mission

We provide a vibrant and authentic education that equips young people to boldly and confidently shape our world.

We inspire learners to discover their gifts, pursue their goals, and continue learning throughout their lives with curiosity, conviction and courage.

In all that we do, we reflect the grace and love of God, so that through our words and actions, others may come to know Jesus, and through Him, have life to the full.

Our mission seeks to support our vision with clarity and action. It characterises and reflects our conduct in service, in attitude, in methodology, and in spirit. It aligns our individual actions and attitudes so that, each day, we work to draw the realisation of our vision ever closer.

Our Values


We value and recognise that people are the heart, soul and strength of our College. We strive to grow together, to learn together, and to support each other through genuine care.


We value prayer, faith and discernment as the guides by which we act and lead, with confidence and in accordance with God’s Word and the Holy Spirit, to fulfil God’s plans for our community.


We value the unrelenting pursuit, expectation and achievement of excellence in all that we undertake.


We value, uphold, operate and lead with truth, integrity and accountability, both to ourselves and to others.


We value ideas, attitudes and practices that champion curiosity, question the status-quo, and respond to challenges with big ideas, creative invention, collaboration and critical thinking.


We value the elimination of complexity to cultivate environments in which creativity and innovation flourish.


We value the strategic use of resources to realise and preserve a desired and assured future for ourselves, others and the world.