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At Faith, we believe every subject is important to the student who loves studying it. This means that every subject deserves equal weighting on the timetable.

We believe that the timetable dictates to the student what we, as a school, care about. It communicates our values and our core beliefs. Therefore, a student who is passionate about the Arts should see this subject as being just as important as Mathematics and just as essential for their own growth and journey towards knowing themselves and their understanding of the world around them.

Through our innovative timetable, each student at Faith studies six subjects, with each subject being allocated the same amount of learning time.

This means that, for example, Art and Health will have the same number of lessons as English and Mathematics.

Wednesday is a special day on the College timetable. The day has been purposefully designed to reignite a love of learning in our students by providing them with agency, voice and choice in their learning. 

On Wednesdays, our students pursue their natural curiosities through Student Projects as well as time for worship, meeting with Learning Coaches and other special events.