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Student Wellbeing

At Faith, we are constantly cultivating a school community where everyone feels valued, respected and supported in their learning journey.  Developing a sense of positive student wellbeing is embedded in everything we do, both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Pastoral care is a core aspect of teaching and learning at Faith, which is realised through collaborative and engaging teaching and learning opportunities, where design-thinking, project-based learning and student agency are prioritised.

We understand that developing student connection and belonging in the College is an essential aspect to student success. A core priority at Faith is facilitating the holistic development of our students by prioritising caring relationships, empowering students to have authentic voice and choice throughout their education, implementing restorative practices and the PERMAH framework for wellbeing, emphasising social-emotional learning and providing an engaging Phase Coach program.

Research has shown that empowering students with a sense of agency and ownership in their learning can lead to improved engagement in the classroom and academic success. This is supported by various studies including one in the Educational Journal of Psychology, which reflects that positive teacher-student relationships are associated with higher levels of student engagement and academic achievement, as well as lower rates of behavioural problems (Roorda et al., 2011).

Pastoral care is not simply a structure or program within our College but is an expression of the nature and ethos of the College. The structures of pastoral care provide opportunities for students and staff to develop and show care for each other. 

All individuals in the College community need to feel that they operate in an environment of care, love, support, individual worth and value.

The College has an extensive Pastoral Care team which consists of Heads of Wellbeing in each Phase, College Nurse, Counsellor and Careers Counsellor, among many others.

Phase Coach

Faith’s Phase Coach Program plays an important role in the delivery of social emotional learning to students. 

Our Phase Coach groups feature small class sizes and focus on fostering connection and belonging for students through mentoring and reflection. 

Each student’s holistic growth, wellbeing and academic progress are all prioritised in our Phase Coach sessions. Areas of focus include organisational skills, goal setting, reflection, attendance, wellbeing checks, subject selection and communication with families.

Our Phase Coaches provide important support for students to assist them in developing positive educational habits and processes that will serve them throughout life.