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Year 6 Experience Day

Moving into Year 7 in 2025? Join us for our annual Year 6 Experience Day at Faith Lutheran College!

Monday 17 June 2024 - 8.30am to 2.30pm
What is an ‘Experience Day’?

Making the jump from Primary to Secondary School can be a bit daunting – but we believe it’s much easier when students have had a day to explore a new school environment first-hand.

Experience Days are an opportunity for Year 6 students to have their first real experience of high school and to spend a day having fun, making new friends and exploring our campus. The aim is to leave students excited to take the next step in their educational journey, and reduce some of the anxiety which can naturally occur when students begin high school.

How do Experience Days work?

Instead of attending their regular Primary School, students participating in an Experience Day attend Faith Lutheran College for the day.

Parents are required to drop students at Faith in the morning (8.00am for an 8.30am start) and collect them in the afternoon (2.15pm).

Year 6 Experience Day takes place on a student free day for our students, meaning that, while our Year 6 guests are able to make full use of our campus facilities, unfortunately our regular bus services are not available on the day.

After being dropped at Faith, and welcomed, students will engage in a fun and exciting day of learning and exploration, before heading home – feeling enthusiastic about making the move to secondary school!

Who can attend?

This is an invitation only event for students who are enrolled to attend Faith Lutheran College in Year 7 the following year.

Benefits For Students

Our Experience Days feature a special program of fun and engaging lessons and activities which:

  • encourage students to meet, engage and build relationships with their potential future classmates;
  • excite students about all of the new experiences, facilites and opportunities to learn that Secondary school will bring;
  • allow students to use some of our rich learning environments, not usually found in Primary Schools, such as our Industrial Design and Technology Workshop, Sports Centre and Science Laboratories.

Do Experience Days Cost Anything?

No! Year 6 Experience Day is 100% free!

All that we ask is that students interested in attending complete the registration form, and that each student arrives with a packed morning tea and lunch.