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Term 1, 2024 Bulletin

Dear Parents and Guardians 

As we embark on a well-deserved break, we reflect with pride on the remarkable achievements and vibrant spirit that define our community here at Faith Lutheran College. 

With each passing term, our commitment to progressive education, rooted in our vision of awakening potential and empowering learners for purposeful lives through Christ, becomes increasingly evident.

At Faith, we are dedicated to challenging the traditional school model and fostering an environment where curiosity is nurtured, creativity is encouraged and critical thinking is cultivated. Our approach to education goes beyond textbooks and classrooms - it's about empowering students to become lifelong learners and compassionate leaders in an ever-evolving world.

This term, we are thrilled to share the outstanding success of our latest Year 7 cohort's seamless transition into high school life. Through our holistic approach to education, we have seen our newest students thrive academically, socially and emotionally. 

In fact, 95% of parents reported that their child settled into school life at Faith Lutheran College within the first few weeks, according to our parent survey. Additionally, 89% of students reported feeling supported and welcomed by their peers, fostering a sense of belonging from the very beginning.

Furthermore, our recent Open Day was a resounding success, receiving an overall rating of 9.23 out of 10 from guests who attended. It was a wonderful opportunity for prospective families to experience firsthand the enriching learning environment and supportive community that define Faith Lutheran College.

As we look to the future, we are excited to continue our journey of innovation and excellence. However, with our Year 7 cohort for 2025 already having a waiting list, we encourage families considering enrolling for future years to submit an application at their earliest convenience. Spaces are limited, and we don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to become part of our Faith Lutheran College family.

Faith Lutheran College is more than just a school; it's a community where values are instilled, talents are nurtured and dreams are realised. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey and discover why Faith Lutheran College is the right choice for your family.

Please enjoy this update on what’s been happening at Faith during Term 1. We look forward to keeping you updated on our College community at the end of each term moving forward.

Yours in Christ, 

Doug Braiden 
College Principal 

Project Based Learning

Wednesday Projects at Faith continue to provide students with one of the most important learning opportunities at the College. These projects, which span six months each, are available to students across all three Phases. They offer students the chance to collaborate with their peers and staff as co-learners to tackle real-world problems through a process of design thinking.

A core principle of Wednesday Projects at Faith is ‘heart, head and hand,’ with some even adding ‘habit’ as a fourth guiding element. This underscores our commitment to starting each project with a focus on ‘heart,’ where students, guided by empathy research, identify and deeply understand specific community issues. Subsequently, students employ their ‘head’ to develop sustainable solutions to these problems. And finally, students shift their focus to the ‘hand’ element, implementing their solutions to address community issues.

Some of the Wednesday Projects pursued by students so far this year include:

  • Assisting local primary schools with facilitating a literacy intervention program
  • Building a robotics club
  • Creating coaching and training resources for local sporting clubs
  • Developing and exhibiting public art displays with a social message 
  • Fundraising and sourcing supplies for local charity groups
  • Helping to source and construct equipment for Ipswich Vigoro Association
  • Pursuing social enterprise ventures to address community needs
  • Supporting local crisis centre groups with food packages for those in need 
  • Rejuvenating local waterways and creek riverbeds 
  • Researching and planting a First Nations’ fruit and vegetable garden

As you can see, there are numerous areas of interest for students to pursue, providing not only significant benefits to each individual student as a learner, but also, to the wider community.

Tyson Kenny 
Deputy Principal 

A Year of Growth and Gratitude: Reflecting on 2023 at Faith

As we reflect on the year gone by at Faith Lutheran College - Plainland, we are reminded of the incredible journey each student has embarked upon, revealing not just their academic and vocational achievements but their personal growth and resilience. Our 2023 senior cohort's accomplishments are a testament to the supportive, nurturing environment our College provides, emphasising the unique value of every student. 

This past year, we celebrated the significant milestone of 100% of our graduating cohort received their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or a Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA), a foundational step in their lifelong learning journey.  

The academic achievements within our General Subjects have been equally inspiring, with a commendable number of students achieving outstanding results and high ATAR scores. One student achieved an ATAR of 99, an incredible achievement. This accomplishment is not just a measure of academic success but a reflection of the holistic growth and critical thinking developed through our curriculum, guided by our dedicated faculty. 

Our commitment to offering a broad spectrum of opportunities is reflected in the notable success of our Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs. A significant number of our students achieved qualifications across various levels, from Certificate I to Certificate IV, showcasing the wide range of interests and talents nurtured at Faith Lutheran College - Plainland. This diversity highlights our belief in fostering individual strengths and preparing students for meaningful contributions in their future endeavours. 

At the heart of our 2023 achievements is the story of every student's journey — a journey of learning, growth and discovery. At Faith, we celebrate these milestones not as the end goal but as steps along a larger path of personal development and spiritual growth.  

To families considering Faith for their children, we offer not just a commitment to academic and vocational excellence but a promise to recognise and nurture the inherent value of your child. We invite you to join a community that cherishes each student's journey, supporting them to unfold their potential in an environment grounded in faith, compassion and respect. 

Jen Gibb 
Director of Teaching and Learning 

A Positive Start to the School Year  

As Term 1 comes to an end, it's time to celebrate the remarkable successes and initiatives that have defined our school journey this term.

Throughout this term, our commitment to student agency and voice exemplified through our development of our program of Clubs and Activities. Completely organised and run by students during break times, these initiatives have not only allowed students to explore their interests, but have also fostered leadership skills and new friendships outside of the classroom.

Additionally, our Swimming Carnival, GBC Sport and Year 7 Camp were resounding successes, showcasing enthusiastic student engagement and promoting camaraderie and personal growth among participants.

Term 1 was also marked by events celebrating our commitment to inclusivity, diversity and social responsibility, such as Valentine's Day, Harmony Day, Close the Gap and Shave for a Cure. These initiatives showcased our students' dedication to making a positive impact on the world around them.

At the core of these endeavours lies our commitment to nurturing student agency and voice. Empowering students to take a lead role in shaping their educational experiences and actively contribute to the school community, helps foster a sense of connection and belonging within the school community.

Reid Dobson  
Director of Communities and Culture

Great Start to Edstart

Faith Lutheran College has ushered in a new era of convenience and flexibility in managing school fee payments with the introduction of Edstart. This partnership with the specialist provider has been met with resounding success, marking a significant milestone in the College's commitment to supporting our families.

Edstart offers a seamless solution that simplifies the process of paying school fees. Families now have the freedom to tailor their payment plans according to their financial needs, thanks to Edstart's easy, flexible and zero-cost approach. This innovative payment method empowers families to spread their fees into weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments, aligning with their budgetary requirements.

One of the standout features of Edstart is its ability to accommodate payment holidays, allowing families to navigate unexpected financial challenges without added stress. Moreover, the flexibility extends to the option of spreading payments over 12 months, ensuring that financial burdens are alleviated throughout the academic year.

The convenience doesn't end there. Families have the autonomy to choose their preferred payment day, putting them in control of their financial commitments. Additionally, for those who prefer to settle term invoices in full by the due date, the option to pay the College directly remains readily available.

This partnership with Edstart embodies the College's dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for its community. By providing families with more options and greater flexibility, we are ensuring that financial considerations never hinder access to quality education.

As we celebrate the success of Edstart at Faith, we look forward to continued collaboration in empowering families and enriching the educational journey of our students. For more information on how Edstart can benefit your family, visit Edstart's dedicated page for Faith Lutheran College.

Jenny Doyle
Business Manager 

Keeping you updated

We hope you've enjoyed our first Term Bulletin for future students and their families.

We have experienced an extremely high level of of interest in future enrolments at Faith - some of the future students on our list are still babies! It's for this reason that we wanted to keep you in the loop on what's happening at Faith each term to maintain a connection with you.

Our hope is that by the time your child joins us at Faith, you'll already feel like you're part of our community (if you don't already have older siblings attending Faith).

The best piece of advice I can give is to ensure that you have submitted your application for Year 7 enrolment before your child finishes Year 4. It's also essential that you provide all the required supporting documentation when you submit an application, otherwise the processing of the application will be delayed.

For families looking to enrol for 2026, if you have not submitted your enrolment application, now is the time to do so. We will begin processing these applications at the beginning of Term 3 this year.

Thank you for your interest in Faith Lutheran College!

Bianca Coleborn
Director of Marketing