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NewsBites - Term 2, Week 9, 2024

Much to celebrate as we finish Term 2!

I am thrilled to announce that Faith Lutheran College has been crowned the overall Champion School for Term 2 in the GBC competition! This is our most successful term since joining the competition in 2012, and it is all thanks to the hard work and dedication of our students, staff, and the wider community.

We also achieved outstanding results in various sports:

Overall Sport Champions:

  • 🏏 Indoor Cricket 🏆
  • 🏐 Netball 🏆
  • ⚽️ Soccer 🏆
  • 🏉 Touch Football 🥈 (second by just 1 point)


  • 🏉 Senior Boys Touch 🏆
  • 🏉 Junior 2nd Boys Touch 🏆
  • 🏏 Inter Boys Indoor Cricket 🏆
  • ⚽️ Inter Girls Soccer 🏆
  • ⚽️ Junior Girls Soccer 🏆
  • 🏐 Inter Girls Netball 🏆
  • 🏐 Junior 2nds Girls Netball 🏆


  • 🏏 Junior Boys Indoor Cricket 🥈
  • ⚽️ Senior Girls Soccer 🥈
  • 🏐 Junior 1st Girls Netball 🥈

Third Place:

  • 🏉 Junior 1st Boys Touch 🥉
  • 🏐 Senior Girls Netball 🥉
  • 🏐 Inter 2nd Girls Netball 🥉

These achievements are a testament to the spirit, effort, and teamwork that define our college community. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the parents, coaches, and support staff who have contributed to this success. A special thank you goes to Billy Leal, our Head of Sport, and Kale Reed, our Head of Co-Curricular, for their exceptional leadership and dedication.

Congratulations once again to everyone involved. Let’s continue to strive for excellence and make Faith Lutheran College a place of inspiration and achievement.

Staffing Update

As we approach the end of Semester 1, I would like to take this opportunity to update you on some important changes within our Heads of Wellbeing team. 

Firstly, we are delighted to welcome back Kate Manthey (Berlin), who returns from maternity leave to join us as the Head of Wellbeing for the Foundation Phase (Year 7). Kate's dedication and expertise in student wellbeing are well-known, and we are excited to have her back on board. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Dylan Lister for his exceptional work as Acting Head of Wellbeing in Kate's absence. Dylan will be transitioning back to his full-time teaching role in Year 7, where his passion for education will continue to inspire our students. 

Fletcher Geary will be finishing his role in the Foundation Phase. We are grateful for Fletcher's contributions and commitment to our students during his tenure. His efforts have made a significant impact, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours. 

We also bid a temporary farewell to Sam Loxley, who is embarking on her maternity leave. Sam has been an integral part of our team, and we will miss her during her leave. In her place, we welcome Rachel Watts as the new Acting Head of Wellbeing for the Exploration Phase (Year 9 and 10). Rachel brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for our students. 

As we navigate these transitions, our priority remains the wellbeing and success of our students. We are confident that the changes in our Heads of Wellbeing team will continue to support and enhance the holistic development of our young learners. 

Final note from the Principal

As we finish Term 2, I can't help but reflect on what an inspiring semester we've had here at Faith Lutheran College.

There are too many outstanding achievements across our College community to list them all, but the greatest achievement are the small wins that our students have every day. 

Each personal milestone, every effort to improve, and all the moments of perseverance and growth are what truly define our success. These victories, though they may not always receive the spotlight, are just as important as the high-profile accolades.

As we head into the holidays, let's celebrate these personal achievements and carry the spirit of encouragement and support with us. Thank you all for a wonderful term, and I look forward to seeing what we will accomplish together in the future.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership in fostering a positive and enriching school community. 

Yours in Christ,
Doug Braiden 
College Principal 


What an incredible term it has been! From start to finish, many students have achieved remarkable results both inside and outside the classroom. Even over the past couple of weeks, numerous events and activities have showcased our students' talents. Whether this has been at Faith’s Got Talent, the GBC Finals, the Kokoda Challenge, or the Ipswich Dance Eisteddfod, our students have not only achieved outstanding results but, more importantly, demonstrated incredible commitment and positive risk-taking in developing and sharing their God-given potential.

Another example of students sharing their gifts has been through Wednesday Projects this semester. Over the past few weeks, students from each Project have had the opportunity to showcase their learning. Whether running a fundraising event to support an important cause, operating a market stall to support their entrepreneurial venture, completing an act of service to benefit others, or creating and then sharing a design concept to solve a particular problem, Projects have undoubtedly provided students with access to an incredible range of Project-Based Learning opportunities. I encourage all families to engage with their child about which Project they participated in, including how they engaged with the design process to address their group’s driving question.

Students will undertake new Projects next semester, where they’ll once again have the opportunity to engage with a process of PBL. This will include the chance for students to help trial, test, and reflect on a range of solutions for real-world problems. Student voice and choice will continue to underpin each Project, providing students the opportunity to push their learning and the limits of their chosen design process as far as they are willing. I look forward to seeing the many real-world problems that students both identify and seek to solve next semester through Wednesday Projects.

Tyson Kenny
Deputy Principal


As we reach the end of Semester 1, I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all our students for their dedication, hard work and resilience throughout the first half of the year. It has been a semester filled with learning, growth and achievements, and our students have truly exemplified the spirit of perseverance and commitment to their studies.

To our Foundation Phase students, your enthusiasm for learning and your curiosity continue to inspire us. Your achievements in various subjects, projects and co-curricular activities have been remarkable, and I encourage you to keep up the excellent work. Remember, every effort you put in today lays a strong foundation for your future success.

Our Exploration Phase students have embarked on new and exciting cross-curricular units this semester. These innovative courses are designed to integrate various learning areas, providing a holistic learning experience that reflects our commitment to a well-rounded education, enabling students to explore their God-given gifts and talents. Through these courses, students have explored complex, real-world problems and developed critical thinking skills, all while deepening their understanding of how different areas of knowledge intersect. We are proud of how our students have embraced these challenges and grown in their learning journeys.

A special message goes out to our Graduate Phase students. As you prepare for the crucial external exams and the end of Year 11 exams in Term 3, I urge you to continue your hard work and dedication. This period is pivotal in shaping your academic journey, and your consistent effort will undoubtedly pay off. Utilise the resources available to you, seek support from your teachers, and maintain a balanced approach to your studies and well-being.

In all phases of learning, we strive to embed the values and teachings of our Lutheran faith. Our school community is guided by principles of love, service and faith, and we encourage our students to reflect these values in their daily lives. As we celebrate the achievements of this semester, let us also remember to give thanks to God for His guidance and blessings.

Parents, your support plays a vital role in your child's education, and I thank you for your continued partnership. As we look forward to the next semester, let us all work together to ensure our students have the best opportunities to succeed and thrive.

Wishing you all a restful and enjoyable break, and I look forward to seeing our students return refreshed and ready for an exciting and productive Term 3.

Jen Gibb
Director of Teaching and Learning

A reminder about future enrolments

Not sure if you need to submit an application for enrolment for younger siblings yet? Take a look at this graphic to help determine if it's the right time:



As I've said before, we currently have applications in our system through to 2029…it’s never too early to plan ahead!

Bianca Coleborn
Director of Marketing

Wednesday Projects

Public Art

Our driving question for this project was, "How can we create, through various art forms, connections and a sense of belonging to support young people's health and wellbeing?" 

For our Public Art project, our group created a watercolour workshop for Year 4 students at Peace Primary School to teach them watercolour painting skills and help them make connections with each other. 

This workshop was held on a Wednesday for two weeks in a row. We covered the following topics over those two weeks; landscapes/nature and superheroes. 

For this project to work out, we went through the following planning steps:

  1. We communicated with Peace to negotiate dates and times for the workshop. 
  2. We had to order supplies and figure out transportation. 
  3. We travelled to Peace, set up the workshop and supervised the students while they painted. 

Something we noticed is that in the beginning of the project, students felt uncomfortable with us and unsure what to do. However, towards the end, the students were more comfortable and talkative and were able to enjoy their time with us. 

In the first week we were slightly unprepared for how it was going to go and what we needed to do beforehand. In the second week we left the Faith campus earlier and had more time to prepare for the workshop. 

Overall, this project was engaging and a fun learning experience. A huge thanks to Miss Watts for all your help throughout this project.

Chloe Stockdale
Year 9

Uniform Shop - Secondhand Trackpants

Our Uniform Shop is looking for secondhand trackpants. If you have some that are in good condition and you would like to either donate or sell them through the Uniform Shop, please bring them in or contact Jackie Davis at the Uniform Shop.

Please note, we currently have no trackpants in sizes 10, 12, 14 and XS.

2024 Intergenerational Project: Buddy Search

We are looking for Senior (55+) buddies to work with our Year 7 students for our 2024 Intergenerational Project.

Our 'Creating Intergenerational Connections through Storytelling' project provides the opportunity for Year 7 students to work with buddies from older generations to learn about their life experiences, recollections and memories from years gone by.

If you or someone you know would be able to spend some time with our students once or twice per week during July and August, please let us know by completing the form below.

The feedback from the Year 7 students and their older buddies from the first two years of this project has been wonderful. 

Grandparents of students from all year levels are most welcome to participate, as are other local residents who may not have family connections at Faith.


Project Based Learning – a tool for learning
One of the teaching tools we utilise across Foundation Phase is engaging in Project Based Learning (PBL). This involves an approach where students actively explore real-world problems and challenges which leads to a deeper understanding of topics. This hands-on learning method promotes critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and student engagement, making learning more relevant and effective.

Through this, students move through the design process which involves:

  • Identifying a challenging problem
  • Planning and designing a potential design solution
  • Creating and testing a prototype
  • Evaluating and seeking feedback on their design solution
  • Reflecting throughout the process

Year 7 Unit 2 Intergenerational Project Update
We believe this project will foster meaningful connections between generations and offer a unique learning experience for our students.

Students have begun mind-mapping some of the potential benefits of this learning experience for them and their buddies. 

After engaging in many different activities, over several visits, students will be working towards writing memoirs based on the stories and experiences shared by the participants in their English classes. To begin this process, students have been focusing on creative writing as well as interviewing and discussion skills. In one creative and hands-on lesson, students learned about black-out poetry, and put some of their creative talents to good use. 

Another part of this project involves learning about the design process as part of Technology lessons. Students has been practicing using the 3D printers and will hopefully work on some designs with their buddies later next term. The images below show that reflection and refinement are clear components of the iterative design process. 

Year 8 Term 2 Upcycling Project
In Year 8 this term, students explored the concept of upcycling. We investigated different types of waste and how much waste is produced in Australia. Students were shocked to realise that our resources are not finite and that if we continue in the same way, we will need the resources of three Earth’s by 2050 just to get by. Students were encouraged to find an old item at home that would have been destined for landfill and were tasked with refurbishing or repurposing that item.

Students were guided through the planning process and challenged to think outside of the box. Some of the upcycled projects included:

  • a wheelbarrow turned into a chair 
  • old clothes sewn into tote bags
  • scrap metal and bed slats created into foot stools
  • old pipes and CDs turned into a scarecrow
  • scrap wood turned into a dog kennel and birdhouse
  • sliced tree branches made into coasters
  • an old football turned into a plant holder 
  • old tyres and scrap wood made into planter box and composting system

Along with the design process, students also develop soft skills like collaboration, communication, time management, organisation and creative thinking. At the end of the process, students were asked to reflect on the design process along with reflecting on themselves as a learner through this process. Some of their responses were quite insightful including the following:

What was the most important thing you learned in this project?

  • “That it is ok to ask for help when I’m stuck and don’t know what to do.” -EB
  • “Thinking ahead can work but you can always work on our feet to fix minor mishaps.” -TH
  • “To be equal when working in a group and not just take over because we should include everybody.” -HD
  • “That not everything has to go to waste and that there are lots of ways to upgrade different things.” -GB
  • “I learnt how to use my time effectively and efficiently; and I learnt how important it is to stick to a schedule.” -MS

How am I growing and changing as a learner?

  • “I’m learning from my mistakes, and I know what to do and not do.” -AJ
  • “I have learnt more about patience and not fighting over every little thing that doesn’t turn out perfect.” -IS
  • “As a learner, I am finding skills I didn’t know I have.” -KH
  • “I have become aware of the amount of time and work I have, and I am more prepared for future assessments.” -CL
  • “I am becoming a more adaptable learner, as I am developing purposeful problem solving skills.” -MC
  • “I am growing and changing as a learner by trying new things, new projects, working with new people and trying my best to do the task.” -MS
  • “I am slowly becoming a better listener.” -TJ
  • “PBL helps to see learning in a different way. My imagination and mind has to create innovative solutions to problems.” -BJ

We look forward to the designs students will come up with and the learning that will happen in future PBL units!

Eunize Mallari
Head of Learning - Foundation Phase

A Retrospective on the First Semester of the Exploration Phase

The first semester of the official Exploration Phase curriculum has been, by all metrics, a roaring success. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our fantastic families and the hard work of our dedicated staff. The multi-age classrooms have fostered connections between first and second year Exploration Phase students, building a real sense of community and defining who we are in the middle years. Meanwhile, the alternative science courses have provided students with unique opportunities. From studying the deep past in Dinosaurs and Megafauna with Mrs McDonald to exploring the inner workings of the human body in Medical Science, our Year 9 and 10 students have met the demands of the Australian Curriculum while engaging in the content in new and innovative ways.

The cross-curriculum units have filled gaps in the existing structure of schooling, offering students a unique opportunity to explore topics and concepts not seen elsewhere in Australia. Students have learned how to manage money and investments in Game of Life, thoughtfully and critically identified and challenged misinformation in Conspiracy Theories, and built and analysed drag racers in CO2 Dragsters. All of this has been achieved while still offering and running the traditional pathways available at any other school in Queensland.

Once again, this would not have been possible without the incredible trust placed in us by our families. Thank you again for allowing us to redefine what school can look like in the middle years!

New Courses Beginning Next Semester
Just a brief reminder that with the end of the semester, your timetables will be changing based on the selections made during subject selection last year. This means that you will likely have a brand-new set of teachers, classes and classmates to get to know. We realise that this can be a daunting prospect, but it is also an incredible opportunity to meet new people and build new friendships.

Jabez Castray
Head of Learning - Exploration Phase

End of Term Update

As another busy term wraps up, the Heads of Graduate Phase would like to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our students. Our first-year Graduate students have successfully completed their first semester, demonstrating perseverance and enthusiasm in their new academic journey. Meanwhile, our graduating Year 12 students now stand just one semester away from completing their studies, poised to take their next steps toward their future endeavours.

As we enter the holiday break, we encourage all students to take this time to rest and recharge. A well-deserved break will help rejuvenate their spirits and prepare them for the challenges ahead. However, it is essential to remember that the journey is not yet over. With several key assessments due early in Term 3, it is crucial to keep an eye on the final prize and continue to strive for excellence.

As we navigate this period of rest and preparation, let us find inspiration in the words of Isaiah 40:31: "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

We wish you all a restful and fulfilling break and look forward to seeing you refreshed and ready for the exciting term ahead.

Kevin Abraham
Head of Learning - Graduate Phase